5 benefits of using LED video walls.

LED video walls are powerful tools to deliver multimedia content. Available in different types and sizes can serve a multitude of purposes. From large outdoor events to small business meetings. In this article, we will explore 5 main benefits of the LED video wall systems.

1. Versatility of LED video walls

Because of modular design, LED video walls are highly customizable and can be applied for a variety of purposes. Very popular solution for outdoor events like concerts, sports events or political rallies. Modern LED walls consist of array of high-resolution displays that are also great for indoor events. LED video walls are easy to set up in variety of ways. You can install them on a wall or assemble as a free-standing display.  It is also possible to install outdoor modules on a LED screen trailer and use them as a mobile LED screen.

2. LED video walls are reliable.

Modern LED video walls are created for maximum reliability and endurance. These modules are designed to withstand very long uptime without any issues. That is because manufacturers are often using professional-grade components to build these units. That makes them a great alternative to standard viewing solutions like projectors or very large TV’s.

3. Excellent image quality.

Quality of LED video walls is constantly being improved. In contrast to standard projectors, mobile LED walls offer far better contrast ratios and are more suitable to use in areas with strong ambient light. External video wall controllers with large processing power enable to achieve great color accuracy and high refresh rate. It is massively improving viewing expierience while displaying colorful and dynamic content.

4. LED video walls require little maintenance.

Decision to purchase LED video wall is often a serious investment. Despite that, LED walls are very affordable if we consider long term maintenance costs. LED walls are able to operate 24/7 for prolonged periods of time without much supervision. In case of failure, individual modules are very easy to access and replace.

5. Easy to turn into mobile units.

In case of using LED walls during outdoor events, it is increasingly popular to place them on the trailers. It is pretty labor-intensive to set up LED wall before an event. That is why mobile LED screens are gaining in popularity. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes to prepare the screen to work. 360° rotation enables you to quickly set the screen into desired position. In fact, mobile LED screen is able to operate as a fully independant broadcasting device.
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LED video walls are applicable for variety of purposes and environments. Listed above are just a few out of many benefits of these solutions. In case if you’re looking for a reliable displaying solution that is able to operate for prolonged periods of time, LED video walls might be a perfect solution for you.