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Mobile LED screens manufacturer in the USA .

14 years of experience in building mobile LED screens. Approximately 173 satisfied customers who often come back for other trailers. At the beginning , we made fixed constructions for LED displays. Later, we started to make LED screen trailers. For now, we made 232 mobile LED screens, which can be found in 34 countries.


LED screens
in warehouse

Even 4 weeks
manufacture time

Why to choose mobile LED screen?

Mobile LED screen is a perfect choice when you frequently set up your screen in different locations. It saves hours of labour before every event likewise it is the most cost-effective option available.

LED display trailer and modular screen comparison.

Regular LED display is temporarily installed on a truss. You need to carefully assemble every LED panel to build your screen. It generates additional costs due to an increased amount of work. In contrast, mobile LED screen is easy to use and can be unfolded many times a day.

Screen on the trailer.

It is built out on a steel frame. The entire structure is mounted on the open trailer. Equipped with hydraulic lifting and rotation.

  • One person needed
  • Can be ready in 15 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Easy transport
  • Automated loading and unloading
  • Ready-made solutions

Modular LED screen.

Requires careful preparation prior to installation. You need a team of trained technicians to prepare the screen to work on a truss.

  • 2-3 technicians needed
  • Can take 4-5 hours to prepare
  • Requires skilful crew
  • Laborious transport
  • Needs to be loaded and unloaded.
  • Configuration at every event

Mobile LED screen = Money saving

Thanks to LED display trailer you need fewer people to prepare and maintain the screen. Most noteworthy you can offer better rates for your clients. If you already have many events scheduled, mobile LED screen is a win-win solution.

Investment can pay for itself after just one year!*
* Depends on a number of events per year and trailer type.

LED screen trailers for the US market.

We offer two types of trailers for the US market. An open LED screen trailer – PlatformLED and an enclosed display trailer – MobiLED.
Both offer unmatched mobility and flexibility. All these features translate to a lower rental cost for your customers.

PlatformLED banner - black platform-based mobile led screen

PlatformLED – open build LED screen trailer.

Hydraulic lifting and 360 degrees rotation come as standard. Most noteworthy, you can set up your screen in any given position. Lightweight construction is certainly one of the key advantages.

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    MobiLED banner - white mobile led screen with walls

    MobiLED – enclosed LED display trailer.

    Enclosed form to ensure maximum protection for your screen. Optional video room provides comfortable conditions inside. Unique design will certainly impress your audience.

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      PlatformLED banner - black platform-based mobile led screen

      SimpLED – basic LED screen trailer

      Open screen platform. In contrast to our standard trailers, it comes with an altered screen folding system. Compact and lightweight solution that is very easy to use.

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        Trailers are US DOT approved.

        All trailers are fully approved for the American roads. Comes with all paperwork necessary for registration.

        Screen-LED headquarter from above

        We have experience in making LED screen trailers.

        Although our products are easy to use, these are not so easy to design and make. Every trailer is manufactured for customer individual requirements. Over the years we’ve been dealing with custom-made orders. Because of that, we are ready to implement your most exceptional ideas to your business.

        SCREEN-LED.US in numbers.

        Years on market.

        After 11 years on European market we started expansion to the USA market.

        Produced mobile LED screens.

        Experience sets us apart from the competition.


        Our mobile led screens can be found in many places around the world.

        They use our mobile LED screens

        Companies that have bought a LED display trailers or cooperate with us.

        “By adding the ScreenLED trailer to our rental fleet we have had tremendous uptake from our customers. The speed of deployment and large 28sqm size make it an easy sell. We are very pleased with our partnership with ScreenLED and intend to add more mobile LED screens in 2020.”
        Cal McCarthy

        President, National Screen Company CANADA

        “After sales service is professional and the quality of their product is very good. We highly recomend Screen-LED company to any cooperation.”
        Thilo Strack

        Director, RENT EVENT TEC GmbH GERMANY

        “I am the Manager of in SWIZERLAND and I’m pleased to recommend the Screen-LED company.”
        Cyril Zoller

        Owner, SWITZERLAND

        “We recomend thic company for long term plans and win-win business, Screen-LED is high class supplier of the mobile LED screens solutions.”
        Viktor Büchel

        Director, db belvedere