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PlatformLED – open LED screen trailer.

PlatformLED is a LED screen trailer based on a platform. The screen is mounted on a hydraulic frame. Lifting and rotating capabilities provide massive advantages over traditional solutions.

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Possible LED screen sizes and technical information.

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Various configurations allow you to choose the trailer, that will perfectly fit your needs.

  • Screen width:
    up to 25' (7.5 m)
  • Screen height:
    up to 15' (4.5 m)
  • Trailer weight range:
    up to 12 000 lbs (5443 kg)
  • Trailer lenght:
    up to 25' (7.5 m)
    + about 5.2' drawbar (1.6 m)
  • Trailer width:
    7.2 ft 2.2 m

Things you need to know about PlatformLED.

Versatile mobile LED wall that offers plenty of features. Explore some of the key benefits of our solutions.


Year warranty.

Applies to trailers as well as screens purchased from Screen-LED. Warranty service in our warehouse or at client’s office (additional fee).

US DOT and EU road approved

Every trailer comes with all paperwork necessary for registration. We also register our trailers in the US.


Weeks to build the trailer.

We offer very short production time. Starting from February 2020, we will have LED screens at stock. That’ll allow us to build trailers with screens even in 8 weeks!

A classic example of a LED screen trailer.

Initially, when the idea to build a mobile LED screen emerged, PlatformLED was our first product. The simplest way to put your screen on wheels. Unmatched flexibility and unlimited screen position settings.

Hydraulic mast with 360° rotation.

Thanks to that feature, you will be able to set your screen in any position you need. You can easily adjust it afterward whenever necessary. The standard version comes with manual rotation.

The most popular product in Europe.

The bestseller among our screens in Europe. Designed with simplicity in mind. As a result, all necessary features are packed in a compact form.

The main advantages of PlatformLED.

PlatformLED will drastically shorten the screen preparation time during every event, allowing you to focus your attention on eveything else that makes your event special

Static calculations on request.

We offer additional static calculations to ensure the safety of our designs. Each trailer is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 45 mph.

Wind sensor with alarm.

Wind sensor constantly measures wind speed to sound the alarm when the maximum safe value is exceeded.

Unlimited possibilities to set the screen position.

Orient your screen in any desired position. You can then freely adjust it during the event. If needed, easily move your Platform within the venue.

The compact construction of the trailer.

Use it wherever you can drive it. Thanks to the open form, PlatformLED is only using as much space as necessary. As a result, it is easy to store in confined areas.

Storage shelves for video equipment.

You usually set up your screen in crowded areas. Sometimes it is hard to keep an eye on your stuff. Now you can keep your valuable video equipment concealed inside the trailer.

Tilt the screen to secure it for transportation.

Worry-free transport in any weather conditions. Furthermore, we can put your logo on the cover for better brand awareness.

We can install your LED screen on the trailer!

Already got your own screen. PlatformLED, as well as MobiLED, can be designed to perfectly match your screen. Another big advantage is that you can actively participate in the design process.

What clients say about us?

By adding the ScreenLED trailer to our rental fleet we have had tremendous uptake from our customers. The speed of deployment and large 28sqm size make it an easy sell. We are very pleased with our partnership with ScreenLED and intend to add more mobile LED screens in 2020.

Cal McCarthy CEO, SW Event Technology, CANADA

Technical information about PlatformLED

Trailer typeopen with cover
Trailer axlestandem 6k
Screen size (WxH)up to 25' x 15'
7.5 x 4.5 m
Screen rotation
Optional screen wings
trailer with this is shorter
Trailer / contaier width7.2'
2.2 m
Trailer /container lenghtup to 25'
7.5 m
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
23' or 21'
7 or 6.5 m
Weightup to 12000 lbs
5443 kg
PowerStd Cam Locks
Power generator
(additional fee)
Wind rating45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
IP ratingIP65
fully waterproof
US DOT road approval
Worldwide road approval

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