Mobile LED screen – main advantages.

A mobile LED screen is an innovative solution for the AV industry. Provides unparalleled mobility for your business. Instead of building an entire structure to support your screen, you can simply tow it behind your vehicle.

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It’s easy in use – seamless operation.

Our mobile LED screens are designed to provide maximum simplicity. Ready-made solution comes packed with features to improve your workflow.

Simplicity – one short training and you know how to use it.

No special knowledge is required to use our trailers. After short introduction you will be able to use it within minutes. Remote controller makes it even easier!

15 minutes to prepare the screen.

Many events on your schedule? No time to lose? With our screens you won’t waste a minute. Within a quarter of an hour the whole setup is up and running!

Only one person needed.

Need whole crew to prepare the screen? Forget about it. From now on, you need only one crewmember to unfold and maintain the screen during the entire event!

LED screen trailers for the US market.

Because of numerous inquiries from the US, we have decided to expand our business to America. All trailers are fully approved by US DOT and prepared for registration. You can collect your trailer directly from our US Dealer.

SimpLED – basic LED screen trailer

SimpLED is a simplified, functional trailer with one LED screen type (16' x 10' P4), designed for small to medium-sized events.

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PlatformLED – open build LED screen trailer.

Hydraulic lifting and 360 degrees rotation come as standard. Most noteworthy, you can set up your screen in any given position. Lightweight construction is certainly one of the key advantages.

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MobiLED – enclosed LED display trailer.

Enclosed form to ensure maximum protection for your screen. Optional video room provides comfortable conditions inside. Unique design will certainly impress your audience.

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ContainerLED – the largest mobile LED screen in a self-loading container

A huge LED screen that is easy to use. You can have a screen size of 43' x 23' ready to work in 25 minutes. Thanks to the advanced hydraulics and the unloading system without a crane, 2 people are enough to handle the event.

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Compare mobile LED trailers

Series SimpLED PlatformLED MobiLED ContainerLED
Trailer typeopen with coveropen with coverenclosedenclosed container
Trailer axlestandem 6ktandem 6ktandem 6k-
Screen size (WxH)16' x 9'
4.8 m x 2.88 m
up to 25' x 15'
7.5 x 4.5 m
up to 23' x 13'
7 x 4 m
up to 43' x 23'
13 x 7 m
Screen rotation
maual 360°



Optional screen wings
trailer with this is shorter
Trailer / contaier width7'5"
2.26 m
2.1 m
2.2 m
2.54 m
Trailer /container lenght17'5" (+ 5' drawbar)
5.3 m (+ 1.53 m drawbar)
up to 35'
10.1 m
up to 35'
10.1 m
up to 44'
13.5 m
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
4.98 m
24' or 21'
7.3 or 6.5 m
23' or 21'
7.1 or 6.5 m
10.5 m
Weight7000 lb
3175 kg
up to 12000 lbs
5443 kg
up to 12000 lbs
5443 kg
up to 35000 lbs
16000 kg
Wind sensor with alarm
Remote controller
Power generator
(additional fee)

(additional fee)

(additional fee)
PowerStd Cam LocksStd Cam LocksStd Cam LocksStd Cam Locks
Wind rating45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
IP ratingIP65
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
fully waterproof
US DOT road approval
Worldwide road approval
Warranty2 Year3 Year3 Year2 Year
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Reliability of the mobile LED screen.

Failure is not an option for your audience, therefore you need a reliable solution. Longstanding experience allows us to build solid constructions that perform well even in the toughest conditions.

Build according to strict standards.

Above all else, our products need to be secure. The load-bearing frame is custom-made to be fully compatible with the installed screen. This approach guarantees absolute safety and integrity. Optional wind sensor sounds the alarm when the wind speed exceeds 45 mph.

Our experience with hydraulics.

Mobile LED screens wouldn’t be as good without reliable hydraulic systems. Throughout the years we’ve gained massive experience in that area. Proper maintenance ensures years of failure-free operation. Mobile LED wall that never fails to deliver!

An example of our realizations around the world.

We’ve got clients all around the world. As a result, our products are being shipped even to the most remote locations. Worldwide customer service assures worry-free operation.

PlatformLED as a billboard in Belgium

Due to compact size, smaller platforms are great for digital signage. Can be used as roadside signs or billboards.

MobiLED at event in United Kindgdom

Excellent choice for all kinds of events and concerts, thanks to enclosed form provides safety for your screen and equipment. Especially useful in crowded areas.

ContainerLED at fanzone in Sweden

Our biggest screens are based on BDF containers. Might come in handy in fan zones and all kinds of huge venues.

PlatformLED as a scoreboard in Ireland

Park your screen at the start line of a marathon to project the live coverage of the event. Later drive it to the finish line, well before the runners and display the results.

The popularity of LED screen trailers in Europe.

Our mobile screens are sales hits in Europe. Widely recognized for advantages over classic solutions. Designed and built in compliance with German standards. Hence our units are certified by TÜV Thüringen and TÜV Süd.

57 trailers in Germany only.

The German market is really demanding. Numerous providers competing over costs and quality make it even harder. Despite of that, our trailers are widely recognised as quality products among German clients.”

Customers are coming back.

In recent years, many customers have decided to expand their fleets. As a result, some of them are regularly coming back to pick up new units. Clients can actively participate in the design process!