SimpLED – fully functional simple LED screen trailer

Built on our extensive industry experience, we’ve designed a streamlined and efficient solution without compromising on key features. Enhance your event with this versatile addition to our product offerings.

SimpLED is available in a single configuration – a 16′ x 10′ P4 LED screen, ideally suited for small to medium-sized events. Engineered to perform under any conditions, SimpLED is fully waterproof and capable of withstanding wind speeds up to 45 mph when unfolded. Elevate your event experience with SimpLED – the dependable choice for professional event organizers.

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Technical Details for the SimpLED

Get acquainted with the vital technical specifications of our SimpLED trailer, expertly tailored to deliver optimal performance. SimpLED is exclusively available in one screen size, ensuring a streamlined and professional event experience.

  • Screen size:
    15'9" x 9'5"
    (4.8 m x 2.88 m)
  • Pixel pitch:
  • Trailer weight:
    up to 7000 lb
  • Trailer width:
    (2.26 m)
  • Trailer lenght:
    17'5" (5.3 m)
    + 5' (1.53 m)

Things you need to know about this LED screen trailer.

Explore the crucial elements of the SimpLED screen trailer below, designed to provide an unparalleled visual experience.


Year warranty.

Experience peace of mind with a comprehensive 2-year warranty on your SimpLED trailer, ensuring seamless performance and dedicated customer support at your service.

US DOT and EU road approved

The SimpLED trailer boasts full US DOT approval, facilitating hassle-free registration in the United States. Additionally, our European variant ensures global compatibility, making the trailer a truly versatile solution for users worldwide.


Weeks to build the trailer.

Thanks to a well-organized production schedule, we are able to make high-quality trailers in a time of 12 weeks.

Ensuring the safety of our mobile LED screens is our priority

SimpLED is made according strict German norms.

SimpLED is made in full compliance with European standards, utilizing robust and dependable components throughout its production process. We use certified S355 steel according to EN10204 standards, for the construction of the chassis, underscoring quality and durability.

Optional static calculations on request.

As previously emphasized, safety is our priorities. We utilize static calculations to ascertain the structural durability of our trailer, ensuring its safe operation under the conditions outlined in the user manual.

Outriggers to stabilization.

SimpLED comes fitted with stabilizing outriggers when the trailer is extended. These outriggers, which are firmly attached to the trailer, each possess a load bearing capacity of up to 6600 lb per each (there are 4 outriggers in total). Consequently, technicians can have peace of mind knowing that even in unfavorable weather conditions, the screen will maintain its stability and security.

Mast with manual safety locks

The screen mast comes with manual safety locks. Due to these locks, there’s no chance of the extended screen lowering unintentionally, thus assuring safe usage.

Trailers suitable for various climate conditions.

Our trailers are readied to function dependably in a variety of weather conditions, from cold to hot. Whether it’s the chill of winter or the heat of summer, SimpLED is built to manage it all effectively.

Optional tarpaulin for safety during transport.

Cover your LED screen and prevent any damage that might occur during transport.

Simple but functional
LED screen trailer.

Our screen trailer is budget-friendly and retains most of the benefits of our larger models. Its straightforward design enables quick and effortless setup.

Hydraulic lifting system

Raising the screen to the desired height is as simple as pushing a button. We have integrated a hydraulic pump, powered by a 12V car battery, to simplify the screen unfolding process as much as possible.

Manual screen rotation

Our primary objective in designing SimpLED was to streamline the process and production. Hence, we implemented a manual rotation system. The entire operation is made extremely easy thanks to the leverage provided with the trailer, and a manual lock allows you to set it at the desired angle.

We are making this product with one type of screen.

We’ve chosen this specific screen size to make the handling of medium and small events a breeze for you.

1. A reliable and great quality screen.

We incorporate a well-established and tested screen from Longrun company, a design that perfectly fits and complements the SimpLED system.

One screen size – 16′ x 10′

To simplify production and boost overall performance, we have decided to use only one type of screen for this product.

Great brightness and refresh rate

Featuring a brightness level reaching up to 6,000 nits, this screen guarantees extraordinarily clear image visibility, even in the presence of direct sunlight. Additionally, with a refresh rate of 1920 Hz, it offers a smooth video display.

2. Rainproof fixed rental cabinets (IP65)

We have utilized a proven cabinet design, perfectly suited for SimpLED. The cabinets are tightly sealed and have been verified to be IP65 waterproof, offering great resistance against water intrusion.

3. 720p resolution.

With its HD resolution of 720p, the images displayed will remain clear and legible, even when viewed from a close proximity. The precise resolution stands at 1200 x 720 pixels, ensuring high-definition visuals.

4. Long screen durability with a 2-year warranty

The manufacturer guarantees a lifespan of the diodes to be greater than or equal to 100,000 hours. Furthermore, we offer a 2-year warranty on the screen, which can be serviced at our main office in Poland.

A simple trailer made with attention to quality

Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, our simple trailer delivers exceptional reliability and performance.

Dexter’s axles and brake components

At the core of our manufacturing process lies a commitment to utilizing only the finest-quality components. This unwavering dedication ensures that your trailer remains reliable and resilient. We source our driving components from the reputable American company, Dexter, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and durability.

Anti-slip and waterproof floor made from steel

Our trailer boasts a waterproof steel checker plate floor, offering exceptional durability. This design ensures that our trailer can withstand rigorous conditions, while also providing a safe walking surface for the operator.

Black body color

SimpLED, our sleek and uncomplicated trailer, comes with a default black paint finish. This meticulous attention to detail contributes to its visually stunning appearance, making it an aesthetically pleasing product.

Save time and money with SimpLED screen trailer.

One of the key reasons to opt for an LED screen trailer is the swift setup time, crucial for saving time during your screen preparation. The cost-effectiveness of this trailer is a culmination of years of development and the valuable experience we’ve gathered over time.

Mobile LED screen ready to go after 15 minutes. Check out the SimpLED presentation.

That is one common feature of all our mobile LED screens. It is simple. We are preparing our trailers to be used by only one person.

What clients say about us?

By adding the ScreenLED trailer to our rental fleet we have had tremendous uptake from our customers. The speed of deployment and large 28sqm size make it an easy sell. We are very pleased with our partnership with ScreenLED and intend to add more mobile LED screens in 2020.

Cal McCarthy CEO, SW Event Technology, CANADA

Technical information about SimpLED

Trailer typeopen with cover
Trailer axlesDEXTER's tandem axle
Screen size (WxH)15'9" x 9'5"
Screen rotation
Trailer width7'5"
Trailer lenght17'5"
(+ 5' drawbar)
Maximum screen height
(from ground to top)
GVWR weight7000 lb
Lifting / lowering the screenBy 12V hydraulic pump
(wired controlled, power )
PowerStd Cam Locks
Power generator on board
Wind rating45 mph
72 km/h (20 m/s)
IP ratingIP65
fully waterproof
US DOT road approval
Worldwide road approval

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