Mobile LED screens around the world.

Screen-LED’s screen trailers are available worldwide. Our trailers are already enhancing various events around the world. We offer designing, manufacturing and shipping of mobile LED screens. Each unit is always built from the ground up in our factory in Poland. In this blog post we will do a quick overview of some our screen trailers and containers around the world.

ContainerLED in New Zealand.

Last year one of our LED Containers took a long journey to New Zealand. Customers from ULA Group ordered ContainerLED. Unfortunately, during sea transport, it has been badly damaged. Our service team flew all the way to New Zealand in order to conduct all the necessary repairs. Since then, container works smoothly with no issues. You can learn more on their website.

MobiLED for Live production in Sweden.

This year we had a special order from Sweden. Customers ordered highly customized MobiLED trailer with live production capabilities. Really unusual order. Extender control room packed with features transform regular trailer into a real broadcasting powerhouse. You can read more about this unusual MobiLED in one of our previous posts.

PlatformLED in Canada.

We also have our trailers in North America. PlatformLED with 4.81mm pixel pitch and 22 sqm surface area has been delivered to Vancouver, opening up new possibilities for our Canadian customers. You can already hire that trailer. More info available here. Previously this year we visited them to provide extensive training on PlatformLED operation.

Twin MobiLED’s in Japan

Our most recent delivery. Two identical MobiLED’s with 21 sqm screens went on a trip to Japan. Customers visited us on a day of delivery to inspects their brand new LED screens. Later on, we carefully placed both trailers inside of containers in order to ensure safe voyage. We covered those MobiLED’s in one of our previous posts.