LED screen trailer – SimpLED

LED screen trailer is a great solution for anyone looking to save money and time. Great mobility and flexibility are among many advantages of these units. In our company, we offer a wide range of screen trailers tailored to customers’ needs. Various screen sizes and construction types make our offer more appealing. Our mobile LED screens are already sales hits in Europe. Our recently introduced SimpLED offers unmatched value for money.

The most profitable LED screen trailer

SimpLED is a lightweight screen trailer that can be equipped with LED screen up to about 177 ft2. One of key differences in comparison to our standard models is folding system. In order to prepare the screen to work it simply unfolds two parts without rotating them. Definitely the fastest solution in our offer. Takes no more than 2 minutes to prepare.
Because of it’s lightweight construction, it can be easily transported. Easy to set up in areas with limited space. 360 rotation comes as an additional option.

Shippment to the US and Canada.

Every our trailer is manufactured in Poland. We offer shipments of our products to the US and Canada. Each trailer is always safely placed inside the container. We already have multiple screen trailers all across the world including North America.

Would you like to learn more about that trailer? Do not hesitate to ask any questions. Our sales manager will be happy to answer all of them.